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Vesuvian yellow cherry tomato



Pomodorino giallo Giagiù
Yellow cherry tomato Giagiù is a spontaneous mutation of red Piennolo cherry tomato. On the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, an excellent particular species is grown, the ecotype derived from Patanara. As red Piennolo of Vesuvius, the yellow cherry tomato has some peculiarities that makes it unique and make it distinguish itself from all the other varieties. Some of these are: the oval shape, the thick peel and the compact pulp.

Moreover, these features make it suitable to be preserved a pachettelle or in bunches, hanging in vertical position.
The brilliant yellow coloured tomato is full of nourishing substances: in facts, it contains many vitamins and anti-oxidants. It is also a versatile ingredient in cooking: its taste has no sourness, so it’s perfect to be matched with fish or vegetables; furthermore, the pectin in the peel can thicken sauces, making it particularly suitable to the preparation of pureed soups.

Its name is tied to its story, that is a fully-fledged legend. Yellow cherry tomato was discovered by accident: it was told that a farmer, who has a granddaughter called Giulia, was picking up some red piennolo tomatoes. While he was doing this, he saw some yellow fruit in a plant close by.

Giulia, agriculture major, took a sample to the lab to examine it; she discovered that this plant was a spontaneous genetic mutation of the common tomato, which gave it different qualities compared to red tomato. Since then, the production of yellow cherry tomato Giagù has started. The term Giagiù refers to its colour and sweet taste.
Eligo produces the yellow cherry tomato Giagiù cut in pieces in two sizes: 500g and 1kg. Moreover, it makes yellow tomatoes preserves, in which tomatoes are entirely put in jar.
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Yellow cherry tomato Giagiù preserves- a pacchettelle 370g
Yellow cherry tomato Giagiù preserves – entire tomato in sauce 370g
Yellow cherry tomato Giagiù preserves - a pacchettelle 980g
Yellow cherry tomato Giagiù preserves – entire tomato in sauce 980g
Yellow cherry tomato Giagiù preserves- entire tomato in sauce 400g