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Vesuvian hazelnuts

Nocciole del Vesuvio
Mortarella and San Giovanni are two typical vesuvian hazelnuts produced by the farm Eligo, in Ottaviano. These two varieties, although they are lesser known than the others, have excellent nourishing features and a unique taste. Moreover, soil and temperatures give to fruit of vesuvian area a particular taste, that distinguishes itself from the others.

In addition to its famous taste, vesuvian hazelnuts are renovated for their efficacy in disease prevention such as arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, vesuvian hazelnuts contrast cholesterol values in blood, thanks to the high concentration of linoleic acid.

Mortarella hazelnut has a light brown colour and a thin shell, it is quite elongated and laterally pressed. Its cultivation is very diffused, because of the flexibility with which food industry can transform it.

Instead, San Giovanni hazelnut has an elongated, laterally pressed shape. This fruit is particularly appreciated thanks to its organoleptic features: unsaturated fats, Vitamin E and phytosterols. Unfortunately, it has not a good market value, compared to Mortarella, because of its elongated shape and his less attitude to be transformed.
In spite of this, San Giovanni hazelnut is an extremely important fruit, because it is useful to pollinate Mortarella variety.
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