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Vesuvian apricot

Albicocca vesuviana
The vesuvian apricot, also known as “crisommola” (from Greek chrysoun, which means gold fruit), is a traditional production of this area; it is known for his sweet and intense smell. Volcanic soils of vesuvian area are full of mineral salts and potassium, which give to apricots a good and characteristic taste.

Over the years and besides soils, farmers have been selecting the best varieties of apricot’s plants to obtain different types with always better tastes.

Among different varieties, a special one is Pellecchiella, which comes from Portici. Its compact and sweet pulp together with its scented aroma, make it a perfect natural ingredient for the preparation of jams, nectars, liqueurs and fruits in syrup.

Eligo has always been close to the topic of biodiversity and eco-sustainability, it has joined the Slow Food Foundation of vesuvian apricot, indeed.
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