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Vairano Giant lupine bean

Lupino gigante di Vairano
For a good snack

The giant lupine beans of Vairano is an extraordinary legume, it is full of protein and naturally gluten-free. Recently, it is returning overwhelmingly on our tables, after it has been abandoned from great producers because of its low economic performance.

Thanks to its great dimension, this legume is also called “lupinone di Vairano” (big lupine bean of Vairano), “gigante di Vairano” or “lupinaccio”. It is mostly known in the area of Vairano, on the border between Campania and Lazio, where sour soils with volcanic origin fulfil plant’s needs and permit it to grow.

Lupines are greatly used in vegetarian diets, since their protein content can be compared to that of soy, eggs and meat. Their use is ample: they can be a main ingredient in the preparation of vegetarian hamburger, breaded cutlets or soup; a seasoning for pasta and a good ingredient in aperitifs or finger foods.

Lupines are rich in fibres, which help the regular operation of intestine; they also enhance the purification of the body and the elimination of toxins.

Eligo sell lupine beans in a glass jar of 220ml, ready to use. Vairano giant lupine beans are preserved using no artificial preservatives.
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