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Tiger cherry tomato

Pomodoro tigrato
The tiger cherry tomato, also called “black tomato” (or “Kumato”), has a thick striped dark green peel.
Its pulp is juicy and has a strong, spicy and savoury taste. In addition, this kind of cherry tomato is considered an excellent anti-oxidant fruit, thanks to the anthocyanins in it. You can usually find this kind of anti-oxidants substances in blue- and blackberries; these properties make tiger cherry a perfect anti-age product and an aphrodisiac fruit.
Some villages of Sicilian hinterland call it “puma d’amuri”, literally “love apple”. Even French people called it “pomme d’amour” because of its aphrodisiac properties. Moreover, when it arrived in Europe in 1500, it was given as gift for Queen Elisabeth I, introducing it with the name of “apple of love”.

Tiger cherry tomato is an indispensable ingredient in Mediterranean diet, you can use it fresh as a decorative element or in salads, to give them a fabulous touch of colour; it is also perfect to make sauces.

In addition, this variety is constantly evolving: in fact, it is still object of specific studies to understand its organoleptic properties, but it is also object of crossbreeds to obtain different colorizations (red, yellow, white, coral and black).
To sum up, tiger cherry tomato can be considered a delicious life-saving.

You can buy the tiger cherry tomato at Eligo farm. To protect the natural properties of tomato, Eligo preserve it in the traditional way “a pacchettelle”. To know more, visit our online store or complete the contact form in the specific section.
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