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Neapolitan ancient tomato

Antico Pomodoro di Napoli
Product group: San Marzano tomato Varieties/ecotypes: San Marzano ecotypes.

San Marzano tomato presents unripe fruits with a marked green shoulder; it has an elongated, parallelepiped and uniform shape. Its average length is 80mm, with an axis ratio not inferior to 2,2mm. It has a cherry red colour, the detachment from the cuticle is easy and its average weight id 60-70 g.

This kind of tomato belongs to the family of Solonacee; morphologically, it has all the general characteristics of these species: it is an annual herbaceous plant, with an unspecified development, copious dichotomous branching and uneven, more or less intense green leafs. In addition, its flowers are yellow and are attached to the plants in racemes.
Growing activities take place from April until the end of August; because of the gradual ripening of the fruit, the harvest has to be done exclusively by hand.

Generally, the harvesting period takes place from the first decade of August until the first half of October. Furthermore, the intense taste presents a good balance between sugar and sourness.

Thanks to its organoleptic advantages, it is usually used as a seasoning for pasta (it is specially used to cook the typical Neapolitan ragù) but it is also well matched with other traditional vegetables.

Product availability: tomato puree and peeled tomato. Produced by: Bruno Sodano farm.
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