Eligo Foods
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Eligo, from latin “eligere”, means “to choose”.
The Eligo farm represents a guide for consumers, suggesting them the best products to have a healthy and nourishing nutrition, made up of natural and high quality products from Campania. Eligo grows excellent products with the same care of the past, to offer all its customers only the best products.

The society prefers an environment-friendly agriculture in the production and cultivation of its products.
Moreover, the Eligo society has joined the Safe Campania project, whose mission is to acquire information about the product by monitoring the land according to Regione Campania and Istituto Zooprofillatico of Portici (Southern Regional Unit for Veterinary Epidemiology).

Saverio Bifulco, CEO of Eligo, became president of the Associazione Produttori pomodorino del Piennolo in 2003.
Furthermore, four essential elements contribute to make Eligo society the best in high quality products, such as: excellence, knowledge, eco-friendliness and know-how. Combining all this aspects, you can get a professional and high quality level service and a model that other companies can follow. The Eligo society gives its customers the excellence of typical products from Campania, from vegetables to local fruit.


Legumes and cereals

Eligo offers first-rate products from Campania by growing the land in an environment-friendly way.
By this way, it supplies the best qualities and excellent products, which are totally eco-friendly. Indeed, the company from Ottaviano takes to account the biodiversity and the annual crop rotation.

Among a great variety of tomatoes of Vesuvius’s area, Eligo also proposes legumes and cereals. Once again, it is a matter of Campanian products, such as: Neapolitan papacellas, “cazzone” peppers, Pompei white onions, San Pasquale zucchinis, pumpkins, beans, Vairano giant lupine beans and then barleys, hazelnuts, apricots and cherries, they are all delicious down to the last bite. Delicious taste of Campania’s products will certainly satisfy all discerning gourmets.