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    Eligo is distinguished from other companies by the vastness of the products they offer. There is also a lot of proposals for tomatoes in all their varieties: Tomato Tomato of Vesuvio D.O.P., yellow tomato, tomato tomato, tomato San Marzano dell'Agro sarnese nocerino D.O.P., antique tomato, Corbara tomato, vesuvian tomato. To prepare delicious and delicious sauces, Eligo's cherry tomatoes are perfect. The company always guarantees the highest quality of the products in order to satisfy the consumer. In particular, the VesuvioD.OP Piennolo pomegranate is sold to the market both in the fresh state and therefore as soon as it is harvested, either in the "small", typical preserved form, or in glass as it is preserved according to an old family recipe bell zone called "packets". Among local dishes, local chefs use this juicy tomato for the famous Neapolitan pizza, seafood spaghetti or other delicacies.


  • With the same care of a time to offer only the best

    With the same care of a time to offer only the best

  • Vesuvio Piennolo Tomato, DOP

    Vesuvio Piennolo Tomato, DOP

  • Yellow Tomato GIAGIU'

    Yellow Tomato GIAGIU'

  • Ancient tomato in Naples

    Ancient tomato in Naples

  • San Marzano Tomato DOP

    San Marzano Tomato DOP